Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Woodsongs Creator Speaks Out on PROs

"Any royalty rate or fee that prevents an artist from reaching the audience has $0 value." - Michael Johnathon (host/creator of Woodsongs Old-time Radio Hour)

America has become a venue starved nation.

Many great venues across America have closed the past couple years. In nearby Louisville alone: the Rudyard Kipling, Jim Porters and several others have shuttered their doors leaving the music public and the artist community in their wake. In Lexington, this hometown recently lost a great venue called Natasha's. I bet you know of many in your area that have disappeared as well.

The world of the arts has changed, my friends. The business model of music has changed. Arts venues can thrive, flourish and make a living for many good folks ... when it's done right. Whenever an arts endeavor launches as a "money enterprise" it is doomed for failure. That sounds anti-capitalistic and I don't mean it that way. My point is the business plans most are using are all wrong.

Read the entire article HERE.

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