Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tonya Kay on Cruelty Free Living

"It's important to rally and campaign and repost on social media, but remember that there is something you can do every day to live in non-violence and harmony. Personal activism takes the power back" - Tonya Kay (award-winning actress and writer, professional dancer, burlesque performer, pole athlete, danger artist, stunt woman, world-traveling conservationist, raw vegan)

My vegan life does not always mesh with the layout of conventional society. Fortunately, I’ve been vegan for 21 years and vegetarian for even longer, so compassionate dead ends aren’t firsts for me and I don’t let living in my world, whether I agree with it or not, get me down…for long.

I remember a nine-year period when I replaced all the leather I owned with “cruelty-free” products. That is, until I realized that man-made plastics manufacturing was destroying potentially more lives of all species through air pollution, water pollution, and manufacturing/landfill-caused habitat destruction than the direct use of animal skin. PLUS the quality of those man-made plastic uppers was so comparatively low, I consumed not one pair of leather tap shoes in 20 years (which is realistic and reasonable), but a new pair of plastic cowgirl boots every six months.

Unfortunate. Sad. Trapped by society. But no longer trapped by inner torment.

I’ve learned to stay conscious and awake in every choice in each moment.

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