Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Breaking Out of the Box" #1 - Alan Robinson

The Power of “Power Chords”: Part 1
Alan Robinson

Hey everyone! I am very excited to introduce this lesson series with Skinny Devil Magazine.  I hope that I can share some information that will allow you to enhance your playing and fretboard knowledge to a whole new level. So without any delay...let’s jump in!
How would you like to expand your chord vocabulary without spending hours upon hours looking at chord books and diagrams that look like your fingers are playing Twister? Where you can achieve all of those sophisticated sounds to include 9ths, 11ths, 13ths, and more but not study calculus and trigonometry in order to understand! Okay, those may be exaggerations to an extent but what if you could accomplish these goals by using 2 notes? Well, you can!
The “Power chord” or chords based on Root/Fifth (i.e. E5, A5, G5, etc…) have been best friends with rock guitarist since the beginning of time. The great news is that they can become an even better friend in creating these awesome advanced sounds. With some simple adjustments and application, power chords placed in the proper locations yield a multitude of harmonic possibilities.