Friday, September 21, 2012

SDML Instructors Speak: 10 Best Live Albums of All Time!

We'll have an on-going series from SDML certified guitar instructors talking about all manner of music trivia (and non-trivia). Thought we'd start light-hearted but controversial (hahaha!). What "best of..." list isn't? So I asked several of our instructors this question, and I give you lists from Cris, Davey P, JD, Luke, Matt, Paul, Tim, and yours truly below....with wrap-up at the end.

Should be noted that opinions vary greatly...and often! Meaning, most of these guys would have handed me a different list if I'd asked 2 weeks before or if you ask them 2 weeks from now. No worries - nothing in stone and nothing sacred. We march on.....

Donna Lee

"Donna Lee" by Elizabeth Beck
Living With Memories -

-for Almira