Thursday, March 4, 2021

Guitar Styles: Signature Chords

Today, let's look at "signature chords". Most chords, as you likely know, have names that follow the basic triad plus express any additional notes (C or Cmj7 or Cm9 or C7sus4 or C half diminished, and so on). But some chords become so associated with a particular artist or song or whatnot, that they ultimately tend to be known by that name.

Side note: We're talking signature chords in popular music, so I'm not using "named" chords from, for example, the western classical tradition (like the Neapolitan chords or the Italian 6th and so on).

Below, in no particular order, we'll look at a few famous chords.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Sonic Sorcery: Exploring the Magic of Song

Part ONE of a series where we will examine ultra-cool songs from specific viewpoints - sometimes chords, sometimes rhythm, sometimes melody, sometimes lyrics, and so on.

Rather than long-winded introduction, let's just jump right in!

I was recently reminded of the classic 80s song "Tempted" by Squeeze, a song not well remembered by most or known by younger generations. But an absolute gem that reminds me of the flare and bravado of folks like Sting and Prince and the Beatles. I'll chart it below with just the primary chords (editing out passing chords and embellishments so that we may get a clear look at the structure).