Friday, January 4, 2013

''"GUITAR GODS: Mr. Fastfinger (Guitar Shred Show)''

-- David "Skinny Devil" McLean
originally published at Tinfoil Music
Date: Friday, August 26 2005 @ 18:01:51 BST

"Guitar Shred Show: The Way of the Exploding Solo - Mr. Fastfingers reveals the arts & secrets of electric guitar to all."

The Guitar Shred Show officially opened on August 8, 2005 and word spread so fast of the amazing "Mr. Fastfinger" that the web-site, GuitarShredShow.Com, has received 10,000-15,000 hits per DAY by guitarists hungry for knowledge. The site, the ultimate on-line guitar school, is so impressive that links to the school popped up immediately on forums like Vai.Com on August 9 - just one day after it's opening!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

EYE CANDY: Anna J (photos by Joe McGuire)

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Doppler, Inc. - ''Nu Instrumental''

-- David "Skinny Devil" McLean
originally published at Tinfoil Music 
Date: Tuesday, March 22 2005 @ 13:24:06 GMT

Doug Doppler, former student of Joe Satriani (and personally picked by Joe to take over his teaching duties), formed a band in 2002 named simply Doppler, Inc. Their debut CD, "Nu Instrumental", features the amazing line-up of Doug Doppler (lead guitar), Steve Sarina (rhythm guitar), Uriah Duffy (bass), and Atma Anur (drums), with special guest appearances from Stu Hamm (bass), Billy Sheehan (bass), and Brad Gillis (guitar).

They waste no time leaping into the instrumental rock fray with the opening track, "Fat Lip" - an intense, driving song that features all manner of cool sound FX, whammy pedal guitar antics, crunching rhythms, and more. This song really throws down the gauntlet and sets the pace for the entire 11 song CD.

''GUITAR GODS: Doug Doppler''

-- David "Skinny Devil" McLean
originally published at Tinfoil Music
Date: Monday, March 28 2005 @ 15:01:30 BST

Doug Doppler: Remember that name. The man who personally took over Joe Satriani's guitar instruction studio, who performed at the Bill Graham Memorial for 250,000 people, and has graced the stage at G3, has a new band, Doppler, Inc., and a new CD, "Nu Instrumental" (Favored Nations), and is poised to have a major impact on the rock music scene.

Doug - who also works with DiMarzio Pickups and Line-6, and is a visiting instructor at the world-renowned GIT - is a guitarist of profound ability & sensitivity. His new CD, which is reviewed HERE, not only demonstrates Doug's obvious abilities as a guitarist, but as a songwriter with the unique ability to fuse disparate styles into a exciting, polished, and soulful sound.

Plans for a tour and live DVD are under way, and you can get more info about Doppler, Inc. at Doug's web-site.

I had a chance to speak to Doug recently - check it out!


''GUITAR GODS: Don ''Boone'' Hicks''

-- David "Skinny Devil" McLean
originally published at Tinfoil Music
Date: Monday, May 09 2005 @ 14:21:55 BST

The guitar solo is making a comeback in the rock music world. During the dark days, however, a few brave souls carried the torch of high-level rock guitar performance...most notably Zach Wylde (Ozzy) and a handful of others not in the mainstream of radio rock. But others carried the torch, also. Players who thrived in local markets playing kick-ass rock-n-roll with plenty of attitude and plenty of screaming guitar solos; players like Don "Boone" Hicks of the band Devil Stomp.

Devil Stomp have been performing throughout the southern US for a couple of years, with gigs from Cincinnati to Atlanta. The bands current line-up is a simple power trio with Sam Rhodus on drums, Joey Cain on bass and Don handling vocals & guitar. Their music is a a driving brand of blues-based rock bound to draw comparisons to AIC, Black Label Society, and others, but their approach is fresh and powerful.

Don's playing is clean and strong and gutsy. His rhythmic approach is aggressive and his solos will, to quote Mr. Nugent, "...blow the balls off a charging rhino at 60 paces...".
You can get loads of information about Devil Stomp at their web-site, so go there now!
I had a chance to speak to Don recently - check it out!