Friday, July 18, 2014

"GUITAR GODS: Frank Marino"

Countless publications have called Frank Marino one of the best and most under-rated guitarists of the 1970s. I call him one of the best and most under-rated rock guitarists ever.

Fronting the Canadian hard rock band Mahogany Rush from 1970 to 1993 (when Frank retired) and again (when Frank came out of retirement) from 2001 to the today, the bands popularity peaked from 1974 - the year of their highest charting album - to 1978, when they appeared at the famed California Jam with Aerosmith, Foreigner, Heart, Ted Nugent, Santana, and more top bands of the day.

Frank's style is influenced by players as diverse as Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman, and has influenced countless players from blues master Eric Gales to metal god Zach Wilde. You can visit Frank at his website

I spoke to Frank in 2010 (this is one of the Lost Interviews). Check it out!

"Guitar Gods" the Lost Interviews!

Somewhere around 2010, Tinfoil Magazine (the on-line magazine where we'd been posting/publishing the "Guitar Gods" interview series since March of 2002) sadly went off-line. I had posted nearly 50 interviews, as well as CD reviews and the like, in that 8 years and still had several interviews in the can awaiting publications.

Among those interviews was blues burner Kelly Richey (which actually made it on-line, but the interview was lost as the site went down) as well as rock-fusion shredder Dave Martone and rock legend Frank Marino (of Mahogany Rush), whose interviews were lost ion a computer crash weeks later as we tried to figure out what to do next.

Well....we now have recovered those interviews (at least the raw interview segments),and these interviews will be going on-line SOON!

So keep your eyes and ears open for the Lost Interviews...found!