Skinny Devil Magazine has multiple inspirations......

But what are we about? We're about anything to do with the arts, though my profession is music. I'll fill this in later......


  1. http://dark30reunion.bandcamp.com/

    we are Dark:30

    we live in 2 different states
    3 different cites with 300+ miles separating us
    our original bassist and 44 day old daughter were killed in a car wreck 2 months before our 1st album was released
    our replacement bassist, lost 10 yrs of his life, after the band broke up, to drugs and emptiness
    our drummer 7 yrs after our break up had an ATV accident and has been quadriplegic for the last 7 yrs
    some of us we went through almost 10 yrs without speaking to one another through the directions our lives took us

    all that remained were memories, 2 albums, the scant few who were fans when we were active
    and a few pics to prove we existed

    and now, through shear determination and technology, we have reformed for one album
    and while there will be no live performances, any and all profit from the sales of albums (new and old) and merch will
    be given to the charities to help others

    what we want to do is reform,14 yrs after our break up and record a new album and tell our story
    in hopes that our story can and will inspire all ppl who have had their lives go astray and prove to them
    and ourselves that despite deficits and insurmountable odds, that you can achieve your dreams
    through time, effort, energy and love.

    even though we didn't know it at the time, the basic mantra of our band was, don't let anyone tell you NO!
    do what you want and let the naysayers have their envy, for life is worth living and by climbing this mountain
    w/o ever even having thought about it, we are still proving that if you can dream it, you can do it!!

  2. Dude. This is heavy. But honest. Dig it. Keep writing and playing.