Thursday, March 16, 2017

Review: "Contemplation" by Alan Robinson

Guitar shredder and master musician  Alan Robinson has released his album "Contemplation"!

This collection of instrumental, guitar-driven progressive rock has everything the shred guitar fan desires...and much more! Gorgeous melodies, inventive lines, beautifully executed & arranged, splendidly composed, loads of harmonic magic, and top-shelf technique fully on display.

The musicians on this album are: Alan Robinson (lead and rhythm guitars; bass, keyboards on "Watermelon Seeds"), James Weeks (bass), Daniel Phelps: (drums; rhythm guitar 2 on "Contemplation"), Beth Dean (keyboards), and Kyle Hall: (drums on "Contemplation").

Alan - a graduate of Berklee School of Music in Boston (he also was awarded his master's in music from EKU) - has put together an incredible collection of music that will engage and inspire not just high-level musicians and guitarists, but (with his emphasis on composing quality and interesting songs) music fans of any particular style. This is what places him above the guitar-hero heap: his desire and ability to compose fascinating songs that stand on their own, not requiring the pyrotechnics to carry them along.

This makes his stunning technical virtuosity all the more amazing, and welcome, when it shows up in spades!

You can listen to clips & purchase the album at CD Baby.

Visit Alan on-line at his Web-Site to learn more about him, hear music, watch videos, enjoy a series of free lessons, sign up for private lessons, and much more!

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