Thursday, November 10, 2016

Poetry review: FLESHED

"Fleshed" is a fabulous little book by what I can only describe as a stunning writer. Twists and turns and fabulous word play...but always in the service of a piece with all the edge and precision of a sharped spear-head striking a bullseye into the emotional heart of the matter.

To wit:


After I got
a diagnosis
& prescription
the doctor said
You need 
to keep in mind 
          – noncompliance 
is common 
for people 
with your condition. 

No it’s not 
I thought, then left
without paying
my copay


That's the 7th of 15 wonderful poems in this book.

Worth every second. Worth every cent.

I'm looking forward to much more from Leigh Anne Hornfeldt in the future!

Find it here: FLESHED at Argus House Press

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