Friday, August 3, 2012

"A Day in the Life: Kieba Blacklidge - Diet & Work-Out"

- Kieba Blacklidge 
Body Temple Boot Camp

A typical day for me (without a camper to train or feed) might be:

½ cup organic coffee with raw milk, 1-2 cup fruit of some kind, and several slices fresh coconut.

Weight/strength train in the gym for 40-60 minutes.

Today was basic total body with 3 sets of each:
  • Squats
  • Dead lifts
  • Weighted step ups
  • Pull ups
  • 1 dumbbell row
  • Bench press
  • Incline flies
  • Military press
  • Lateral raises
  • Preacher curl
  • Dips
  • French press
  • Alternating dumbbell curl
  • Inch worms and crunches for abs
Then I have my “trademarked” fitness flip or sometimes will have a rocket fuel drink.

Off to the Olympic pool in town (some days head to the ocean for open water swimming)

Swim usually 1,600-2,500 yards with a warm up, drills, speed work & stroke work.

Home for lunch which is usually a green protein shake with raw egg, raw milk, spinach or kale, organic whey protein….and whatever else veggie I want to throw in!

I also munch on fresh coconut again (Love the stuff and it is abundant here).

Afternoon I either run through the “raw gym” obstacle course or the Jungle Ninja course we are developing on property….throw in a few more pull-ups, pushups, and squats if I have bursts of energy….or climb the climbing wall.

Afternoon I will usually have a homemade “Toddie” with raw milk and cold pressed coffee and raw honey, also maybe an apple, hand full of nuts or a few jerky sticks from USWellness.

(I throw in some house cleaning and more computer/web site work all along the day.)

Dinner is usually some steamed veggies and raw meat and fat all on a big bed of mix greens.

Tonight I have raw chicken liver pureed with raw grass fed beef with mustard, honey, and all of the spices to make it taste like braunschweiger pate’.

Desert treat while watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonight….Hmmmm, either Avocado pudding (Avo’s grow all over my property and up the street) or a raw ice cream with papaya.


“Kieba” Dawn Blacklidge - Educated at Purdue University, Kieba became MS Natural California and 2nd in the nation in Drug Free Body-Building, and is the founder of the Body Temple Boot Camp retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii.

She has written 4 books on different types of “Retro Raw” recipes and developed “Grotto Grub” products which are unique organic/raw goodies from the Island.


  1. Since Kieba challenged folks at her FB page to post their "day in the life", I'll give you....

    Typical day is up early for morning work-out.....warm-up, then 50 pull-ups, 50 chin-ups, 200 squats, 400 calf raises, 500 sit-ups.

    Afternoon is 3 rounds on the heavy bag and a few rounds of tabata stair sprints.

    Food is experimental lately (been trying select cooked, plus oats & potatoes), but usually 80% raw, quasi-paleo.

  2. You Kick Ass Devil! Keep it up and Have Fun. I am off to my jungle gym now to play then will head to the pool with Steve....he REALLY kicks ass in the pool and encourages me to swim "Harder....Faster....on 5 GO " He was swim coach for 5 Universities and countless age groupers. ta ta

  3. Inspiring article.

  4. I am told that I inspire others....I Love to hear that and not only continue to be the inspiration and "set the example" but more to encourage, support and help others to get on their own personal/customized path to total health and fitness. Why wait? But know that if you have been unmotivated for one reason or another, or inactive for the past several is NEVER ever too late to get started back up and become the Best Ever! I will be your biggest Cheerleader, fan, and coach along the way!
    I am working on my Retro Raw "Great 8" program which will be complete soon. It will simplify all for you with a shopping list, menu and recipes for 8 days along with 2 25 min. workouts that if 1 is done every other day switching them out, mixed in with walking/cycling/swimming or some other constant moving exercise...obtaining optimal health can be easy, fun and I will guarantee results! Videos showing some recipes and exercises will be included. Also working on a Frisky Fitness video with exercises for couples! FUN, Frisky Fitness! ha ha Make it a Great Day...go out and PLAY!!
    check out this youtube video of me and my "mate" having frisky fun fitness in the pool doing our own version of synchronized swimming....Siamese twin butterfly swimming