Thursday, October 23, 2014

SD Magazine Publisher/Editor Releases Music Catalogue

Howdy, y'all! David McLean here, publisher & editor of Skinny Devil Magazine, as well as guitarist, guitar teacher, gun for hire, and all things musical. Today marks my 50th birthday. I wrote about it in my personal blog Skinny Devil Universe.

There, I mention that I have been, and continue to, release my life's catalogue of music (at least that which is release-able) all at only $1 per album. To celebrate my birthday, I released Aur'a-Sen's only studio album "Innova Mode" and volume 2 of my corporate work, "The Games".

I will also create a page for all the albums I've engineered, produced, or on which I've played. It will likely be an incomplete list, as I've lost most of the old studio notes from when I was working as a studio musician, an engineer, and a producer (note: I still produce and I still do studio work for hire), but it should still have quite a bit of music for anyone interested.

Music will be available via BandCamp, Reverbnation, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, the streaming/radio sites, and more. Must be my bid for digital immortality (haha!). But for now, you can see what's been released so far at my BANDCAMP page.

Hope y'all enjoy it!

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