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P.O.M. - ''Lost Contact''

--David "Skinny Devil" McLean
originally published at Tinfoil Music
Date: Tuesday, March 15 2005 @ 15:03:27 GMT

"Lost Contact" is the new full-length feature film by writer & director Andrew Crawford - a dark, brooding film that is an "...Absurdly comic and totally unpredictable...tour de force in 'no budget' filmmaking. Having all the looks of classic cult film noir, its photography is complemented by the witty, dry humor of its dialogue and the twisting plot lines...". The soundtrack for this film is equally unpredictable, and absolutely astonishing.

The music for "Lost Contact" was written, performed, & recorded by P.O.M., an intense and extremely gifted guitarist & composer who also tackles percussion and vocal duties for the soundtrack.

Opening with a snatch of dialogue from the movie, POM then launches into "Blind Man", a guitar & percussion frenzy that features his incredible touch-style and flamenco technique on his nylon strung guitar. This frenzy quickly settles into a gorgeous piece of music with a Spanish air that sets the pace for the entire collection. "Propeller" continues the theme with exciting call & response between fretless bass and acoustic guitar that flows right into the title track, a wide, cinematic piece featuring a sparse, Arabic-esque vocal and percussion that is somehow both hopeful and just a little sad.

An elegant rendition of Bach's "Ava Maria" comes in next, followed by "Cowboy Junkie", a delicate yet twisting piece that first seems bright and then darkly beautiful. The following track is a solo guitar version of the opening piece, "Blind Man", that is sure to set the guitar world on fire. With blinding speed and near flawless technique, POM tears into the song with all the flair of a flamenco Jimi Hendrix: Shattering and shifting ideas about what is possible or even acceptable for a guitar. But "Blind Man" is no show-off piece; it is a dazzling and radiant piece of music that will transport you.

"Execute" follows, and is the official end of the soundtrack. It recaps some of the major themes, demonstrating the POM is both skilled musician and thoughtful composer. Of course, you then get the 3 bonus tracks which will without doubt leave you as stunned and thrilled as the rest of "Lost Contact".

"Lost Contact" is not a major studio release and so you will certainly be deprived of the theater experience. Similarly, the soundtrack is not a major label release and thus you'll not find it in your local music store. Luckily, Echelon Entertainment is handling the distribution, and the DVD is on sale via Amazon and Ebay. You can buy the soundtrack as either a download or hard-copy directly from the "Lost Contact" web-site, where you can also listen to sound clips, view the movie trailer, and get loads of information.

Bottom line: This is one of the best collections of music I've heard in a LONG time, and I cannot recommend it more highly. Visit "Lost Contact" now and get the soundtrack. You won't be disappointed.

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