Friday, September 21, 2012

Donna Lee

"Donna Lee" by Elizabeth Beck
Living With Memories -

-for Almira

I stumble over the pebble
lost in their translation
of Miles Davis
a hot muggy night under the Virgo moon
when the train runs around
Townshead phamily park. Echoes of my history
          imbedded lyrics in marriage vows
          intertwined melodies in family
          incomprehensible extemporaneous
          riffs found in heart-
break for the little girl who sang the blues
lost both her parents in tragedy too raw
to shape into a song. She can only howl
no traditional bebop jazz riff
worse than a clich├ęd country tune
her father killed her mother
left her body in the bushes
still alive after she should have been dead
blood, brains, maggots in the backyard
under a box spring and a rug
while her daughter left inside
with a guitar.


   Elizabeth Beck - a writer, teacher and artist who lives with her family on a pond in Lexington, Kentucky. She writes a blog called "Living with Memories”. You can find her at:

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