Friday, July 13, 2012

Ben Lacy's ''One Track Mind''

- David "Skinny Devil" McLean
Originally published at Tinfoil Music
Date: Monday, April 19 2004 @ 14:35:56 BST

               Listening to Ben Lacy's "One Track Mind" is a fantastic experience, but when you realize all that sound came from one guy in one pass (no overdubs), it will blow your mind. Combining complex lines and techniques (funk slaps, hammered chords, blazing lines), Ben mimics bass & drum accompaniment to his guitar melodies and chordal stabs to brilliant effect!

     Once one samples the cover tunes on the CD, like "Hey Nineteen" and Jacko's "Billie Jean", the true effect begins to come to life, and you hear the original songs in a different light.

Ben's awesome technique, however, isn't the showcase. His chops exist solely for the song, and his songs are well-crafted, interesting, and come across like a breath of fresh air. Check out "Slap, Crackle, & Pop" or "Layercake" and you'll be served up some funky grooves, popping melodies, and other tasty treats (check out those polyrhythmic flourishes!).

Other songs, like "Bobby's Tune", are light and airy, but still funky - with interesting melodies and compelling harmonies that are sure to satisfy.

One of my favorite tracks is "Get Your Feet Wet". Lacy runs wicked quasi-atonal lines over a constantly shifting rhythmic bed that'll make your head spin!

Having had the pleasure of seeing this guy perform live, I can tell you for a fact that he performs these flawlessly on the concert stage. Ben Lacy is simply incredible, and his debut solo release, "One Track Mind" is a CD that should be in the collection of ALL serious guitarists and guitar music fans.

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